We Need Your Vote!







The Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire has been shortlisted for the Lloyds TSB Community Fund 2014 in North Warwickshire.

The centre needs as many members of the public to vote for them to be in with the chance of been awarded a grant of up to three thousand pounds from Lloyds Bank. If they get enough votes the money will be used to run cooking courses for people who are blind or visually impaired in North Warwickshire.

The Volunteer Centre has successfully run the courses in the past known as “Cooking For Confidence” in association with Warwickshire Association For The Blind.

At the start of the year people benefited from attending the centre once a week for a six week course to use the kitchen to learn how to make everything from quiche to spaghetti bolognaise.

Graham Albrighton was born partially sighted. He doesn’t do any cooking at home, but really wanted to. When he was told about the course he thought it sounded just what he was looking for.

It wasn’t just about the cooking for Graham. He lives on his own and doesn’t get out much. The course meant he had somewhere to go on a weekly basis and people to talk to who are in similar situations to himself.

Graham said “There are not many places I can fit into, but this was one of them. I have made some new friends and have really enjoyed my time on the course.”

If the Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire is successful in winning the vote and receiving the money they will put on more six week courses for more people to benefit from in North Warwickshire, helping them to build their confidence in the kitchen and try the recipes at home.

Centre Manager Martin Horner said “The Lloyds Bank Community Fund will make a huge difference to the Volunteer centre enabling us to run the cooking courses, making a difference to the lives of many visually impaired people in North Warwickshire. Please vote for us to benefit from the community fund award.”

Members of the public have up until the 10th October to get their votes in. You can vote for the Volunteer Centre on-line by going to www.vcnw.org.uk and clicking the link on the home page.

You can also vote via twitter by creating a new message containing the following #CommFund PFF. Followers can then retweet your message to vote. There must be a space between CommFund and the centre’s unique code PFF.

People can also vote via SMS text message by texting the word VOTE PFF to 61119. SMS text message votes will be charged at the mobile users’ standard message rate.

For more information about the vote and the cooking for confidence project, give the centre a ring on 01827 717073.

Jill Darren and Gill Vote For Us