We need people like you!

The following article appeared in The Coleshill Post in July 2013.

Across Coleshill and North Warwickshire, there are people like you giving their time for free to help others in their community. Through volunteering they are making a huge difference to the lives of others.

Everyone can volunteer and the wide range of opportunities means there is bound to be something that matches your interests. If you can commit to just an hour or two a week, or a month, then you really will be making a difference to your local community.

Coleshill is no different to anywhere else.  Volunteers make the town tick, whether they are helping at Coleshill Community Hub, or planting with Coleshill in Bloom, they are all making a difference to the community of Coleshill.

So after you have finished reading this first edition of the brilliant Coleshill Post, why not get in touch with the Volunteer Centre and see how you could make a difference.

Call us on 01827 717 073, email info@vcnw.org.uk or visit us online via www.vcnw.org.uk