Volunteering is something that everyone can do. People get involved for many different reasons. Often it’s because they want:

  • To do something they really enjoy
  • To give something back to their community
  • To make use of special interests and talents
  • To learn new skills and interests
  • To meet people and make new friends
  • To find out more about a type of work they are considering as a career
  • To gain valuable experience that could help them get a job

If you decide volunteering is right for you, the first step is to come and talk to us.

During an informal interview we find out what sort of volunteer opportunities you are interested in, what kind of commitment you can give and what skills you can offer. We’ll then discuss the different types of voluntary work which may be suitable. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions or raise any queries you may have about volunteering.

During the interview or afterwards we will give you information about organisations and volunteer opportunities which we feel are best suited for you. When you have chosen which opportunity you want to have a go at, we’ll arrange for the organisation to get in touch to arrange a taster session, training, induction or start date.

We maintain a register of volunteer opportunities across North Warwickshire. We currently have more than 150 opportunities, so there is bound to be something to suit most needs.

Interested in volunteering? Please complete our Registration Form.

ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM Download Application Form (Word Doc)

If you’re interested in volunteering then please fill in our ‘Volunteer Registration Form’ online by clicking on the purple button above. Alternatively if you would prefer to print out a paper copy then one can be downloaded through the orange button above.