Volunteering can change your life, read how it helped one lady from North Warwickshire

Due to a stressful work situation and loss of my job, it was suggested to me that I should volunteer as a means of building my confidence and using my skills to help others.  I had lost so much confidence that I didn’t even feel like going out or pursuing any jobs.

After summoning up the courage to contact the Volunteer Centre, I agreed to help at a local hub for two mornings a week.  These few hours involved working alongside different types of people and the socialising side of the volunteering helped me a great deal.  I started to help others and this was very rewarding.  As each week passed by I grew in confidence and by Easter decided to join a supply agency and work 1-2 days a week alongside volunteering once a week.  I kept to the volunteering as I felt that it was a happy experience and was adding to my confidence by taking on responsibilities and attending courses such as first aid.  In the last couple of months I started actively looking for jobs.  During interviews I could mention the volunteering work and what it entailed.  I was also able to have a good job reference to put in application forms.

This week I was invited to two job interviews – one for the Council and one in Education.  To my surprise I was offered both!  I then had to decide which one to take!  I feel that the work experience gained through voluntary work definitely played a part in securing a job.  I am a much happier, confident person having been a volunteer.  It will be sad to leave but I leave having made some wonderful friends and I have gained so much that I will take with me that I am so glad I took that first step to volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer please call our friendly team on 01827 717 073