The Volunteer Centre is commissioned by the Borough Council to develop their 13 B.O.B Hubs. This development includes supporting the Hubs to become sustainable and well used community venues as well as recruiting and supporting volunteers.

Training is provided to volunteers and managers on a regular basis through quarterly ‘Volunteer Forums’ and bi-monthly ‘Coordinator Forums’. There is also a private Facebook group for members of the project to share ideas and viewpoints as well as recieve upto date information on a range of topics. Hub Coordintors also recieve a weekly email with updates from a range of organisations.

The project also organises activities from the Hubs with the help of NWBC’s Community Development Team. In 2014 the Hubs will be given to support to set up as UK Online Centres with a range of events taking place throughout the February ‘Start Something’ campaign.

In the first few months of 2014 a new volunteer recruitment campaign will be launched called ‘Share Your Skills’ so keep your eyes peeled.

More information on B.O.B Hubs can be found by going to