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Across North Warwickshire there are hundreds of organisations looking for new volunteers to come forward.

We work with a wide range of organisations across North Warwickshire and beyond to find them suitable volunteers. We ask that organisations fill in an Organisation Registration Form and then an Opportunity Registration Form for any volunteering opportunities they would like us to advertise. These forms can be found below.

Organisation Registration Form Opportunity Registration Form

Many of the volunteering opportunities that are registered with us are uploaded through our volunteering database to which is the national volunteering website. We also advertise lots of our volunteering opportunities through the local print press and sometimes we even get a chance to promote it on local radio. We also have a range of newsletters that go to organisations and volunteers. We also promote volunteering opportunities through our website and social media pages.

As well as advertising your vacancy to potential volunteers we can also offer a range of other services. We can help you by interviewing potential volunteers to increase the chance of getting a committed and suitable person for your volunteering opportunity.