Martin found work through volunteering, read his story here.

Martin contacted the Volunteer Centres Volunteer Development Coordinator after being made redundant from his job of 20+ years. In his own words he said he “became a volunteer was twofold, firstly it was get out of the house whilst I was unemployed  and secondly to keep myself busy and my brain active and focused on getting a job as it is very easy to sit back and get complacent.”

After meeting with our Volunteer Development Coordinator for a volunteer interview it was clear that Martin had picked up many skills in his professional life that could really benefit a new local charity in his home town of Coleshill. Martin was referred to Coleshill Community Hub where he subsequently went on to volunteer for nearly 4 months.

In that time he picked up a wide range of skills, qualifications such as first aid, improved communication skills and of course got to meet other volunteers from all age groups and backgrounds. Martin became part of the team and to this day the volunteers at Coleshill Hub get on socially as well as in their professional role as volunteers.

Martin took part in any training offered and even attended the Volunteer Centre’s leadership course based at Coleshill Community Hub.

Talking about his volunteer experience Martin said “The most important thing that I got out of volunteering is meeting and interacting with not just fellow volunteers but also the public who came into the Centre.”

After just 4 months at Coleshill Community Hub, Martin asked for a reference for a job with a local authority and was successful in gaining employment. Martin said “I am now working for Solihull MBC via Reed on a 6 month contract to help their HR department roll out a new software package used for advertising their jobs on the internet. “

Speaking to Martin now he credits volunteering for keeping him mentally and physically active whilst out of work, as well as giving him the satisfaction of helping others in his community.

The Hub was sad to see Martin go but this is one of many successful volunteers who find work.

If you would like to volunteer, please call us on 01827 717 073