Help Get More People On Line

The success of a North Warwickshire project has prompted organisers to begin a search for more volunteers.

Local B.O.B hubs need people in the community to come forward to help other local people with use the computers at the hubs.

Known as a digital champion volunteer, you will help other people get on line, set up an email address, sign up for online shopping and surf the net securely.

The Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire’s Development Coordinator Adam Farrell said “you don’t have to be a computer genius to become a volunteer, as long as you know the basics. If you’ve got a couple of hours a week to spare you will be a great help to the project.”

This year the Internet celebrated its 25th birthday, but there are still millions of people who cannot use a computer or get online.

Adam added B.O.B hubs are a great place to go if you want to learn more about logging on. Over a hundred people have volunteered at the hubs since the project started two years ago. As demand for the service continues to grow we need more people to come forward and sign up to be digital champions.

Volunteering is a great way to gain some experience to put on your CV. Retired people find it keeps them active and students are able to put it on their university applications.  For more reasons to volunteer go to .

If there isn’t a B.O.B hub near you, you can come to the Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire at the bottom of Long Street in Atherstone on a Friday morning 10 – 12. Volunteer Jeff runs the session and is happy to help get you on line.

To register your interest in volunteering or for an informal chat about the digital champion role, give Adam Farrell a ring on 01827 717073 or email him

Volunteer Jeff Pagett