Could you be a Garden Buddy?

Are you good at gardening? Do you like spending time outdoors? Do you want to give something back to the North Warwickshire community?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire has just the project for you. ‘Garden Buddy’ is a scheme set up in partnership with North Warwickshire Borough Council. It enables those who are unable to tend to their garden because of their age or because of a disability to call the borough council who will then send out a team of volunteers managed by the Volunteer Centre.

In 2012 the scheme had huge success, tending to 42 gardens across North Warwickshire. As the summer approaches the Volunteer Centre is looking to recruit some new volunteers to the 2013 ‘Garden Buddy’ team. If you’re interested in getting involved then please call the Volunteer Centre on 01827 717 073 or email

To find out more about volunteering in North Warwickshire please click here.