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Plea For More Computer Courses in Polesworth


Basic computer courses in North Warwickshire have proved so popular organisers are set to run more.


The demand for a course teaching people how to get to grips with the internet has rocketed in Polesworth, meaning sessions have been extended until the end of May.


The Volunteer Centre started a weekly session at the library at the start of April where people can learn everything from how to use a key board, set up an email and how to surf the net safely. They can then move on to learn about social media, on line banking and shopping.


Sylvia Shaw from Polesworth has been coming to the sessions for the last month. She says “I have learnt a lot and I am feeling more confident using a computer. To start with I was frightened about touching a keyboard.”


The courses are organised by the Volunteer Centre’s Leanne Patrick and Bill McIntosh who work on the UK Online project.


Sylvia added “The first week I was a little stressed, but Leanne and Bill were really patient with me and made me feel at ease. Now I am enjoying it and look forward to coming each week. I am glad the sessions will be running for longer so I have got more time to learn and have the support there if I do something wrong”


If you are interested in joining the group, pop along to Polesworth Library on Tuesdays 10 – 12.


Janet Smith travels from Sheepy Magna. “I saw the sessions advertised and was happy to come to Polesworth asI use a mobility scooter and I find the library has great facilities. I can park my car with ease and don’t have too far to walk. It’s great that the Volunteer Centre can bring these courses out into the community where I can access them easily. I love the small group atmosphere and that I can get one to one support immediately if I go wrong. It’s informal and there is no pressure, you can go at your own pace”

The courses will be running until the end of May, but could be extended further if the need for them continues.

Leanne Patrick says “The learn my way courses are important because more and more is being done on the internet these days. The library have been very accommodating, welcoming us and letting us set up each week. At the moment the demand for the courses is high, but we can only continue to run them if we get more people wanting to learn through the door each week. Once we have helped someone register and go through the online basics section, they are free to choose other modules. They are then free to continue at home if they have the internet or continue to visit the library to use their computers.”

If you have internet access at home, you can go to When registering, you can use the centre code 3455824.

The same course is taking place at the Wood End Community Hub, based inside the village hall. It is hoped it will be just as popular in this part of North Warwickshire as it has been in Polesworth.

To find out more about the courses, to book a place or find out if any sessions are being held by you, give Leanne or Bill a ring on 01827 717073.

The Volunteer Centre North Warwickshire’s always looking for volunteers to join the project, so they can give more people who are new to the internet the one to one support they need.

You will need to know a bit about the internet, have a patient and friendly manner. Full training on how to use and all the modules will be given.