Press Release

Volunteering can change your life, read how it helped one lady from North Warwickshire

Due to a stressful work situation and loss of my job, it was suggested to me that I should volunteer as a means of building my confidence and using my skills to help others.  I had lost so much confidence that I didn’t even feel like going out or pursuing any jobs. After summoning up the courage to contact the Volunteer Centre,…read more →

Adult Community Learning Course

Have you ever thought. I would like to write a novel, trace my history  or write poetry whilst sitting under a palm tree?If the answer is yes Adult and Community Learning can offer you the first but not the later .As palm  trees are very hard to grow in Atherstone . To encourage learners to reach their goals in literature…read more →

We need people like you!

The following article appeared in The Coleshill Post in July 2013. Across Coleshill and North Warwickshire, there are people like you giving their time for free to help others in their community. Through volunteering they are making a huge difference to the lives of others. Everyone can volunteer and the wide range of opportunities means there is bound to be…read more →