Adult Community Learning Course

Have you ever thought. I would like to write a novel, trace my history  or write poetry whilst sitting under a palm tree?If the answer is yes

Adult and Community Learning can offer you the first but not the later .As palm  trees are very hard to grow in Atherstone . To encourage learners to reach their goals in literature and improve their  creative writing skills.

The service is facilitating another one of their  popular creative Writing Programmes.

This  inventive programme starts on Friday 11th October at 1pm untill 3pm.

The prgramme is for 6 weeks ,the sessions will be held in Atherstone at Warwick House Ratcliffe Street CV9 1JP.

The cost of the  total programme for the 6 weeks is £48 learners over 60 pay half price. For learners in receipt of benefits other than DLA the programme will be free .This programme is for over 19s only .

For more information and to book a place please telephone Kay or Jayne between 9.20and 2.30pm Monday to Friday on 01827 718007